Message from CEO

As an industry, we’ve been forced more than a few times in our history to deal with cyclical downturn in the area of media industry and economic fortunes. I believe what these moments have proven is that we’re resilient, we know how to plan, and we meet our challenges head on.

On focus itself is an example of good planning. As a unified voice for industry, we leverage both the strength as well as the efficiencies that come from a willingness to work together towards common goals.  This is important at all times, but even more so at times such as these. When members are forced to make some hard financial decisions, On Focus enables those decisions to be made without sacrificing your voice when and where it’s needed the most: both in the short-term and the long, and among governments, stakeholders and the public.

At On Focus, one of our pressing priorities is to address competitiveness issues facing the industry. We know that every dollar counts, and that it is vital that government policies on the regulatory and fiscal fronts take into account industry’s perspective—to ensure the sustainability of our industry competitiveness and the tremendous economic benefits we provide to all clients.

We’ll continue working hard on our competitiveness deliverables and I expect to be able to announce more positive results for industry in the coming months.

One reason for our industry’s resiliency and part of On Focus’s value is also our ability to keep our eye on the big picture. We know that this downturn will pass and that the long-term fundamentals haven’t changed.

So the work we have done and continue to do building public confidence in favour of the infrastructure needed to deliver our products to new markets remains vital.

To that point I would make a request of you: Show your support for our industry and be an inspiration to others. Reading this issue for ideas and information is a great starting point next, I’d suggest you sign up to join with our vision, mission and objectives, if you haven’t already. You’ll soon receive updates on some great events we’re planning for late spring and early summer where we can show pride in our industry, support each other as media members, and also have a bit of fun. Hope to see you out there.


Shakila Sharmin

On Focus